Thursday, November 24, 2016

Our first fall as a family of four

Our first fall as a family of four has been fun!  We've finally been able to enjoy being outdoors after a long hot summer.

We did a zoo day.

McDonald's breakfast picnic in the park.

Fun outdoor movie night at our friends house with all kinds of goodies.

Finally able enjoy some splash pads.  Found a new favorite one at the orchards.

A day at the AZ State Fair

Visiting Eric at the fire station.

And lots of tea parties!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ellie's Hundred Acre Wood Sip & See

This past weekend my sister threw us a Hundred Acre Wood Sip & See so family and friends could meet Ellie.  The party was beautiful and the food so good.  I loved all the touches of Winnie the Pooh decor.  Addy was looking forward to the "pooh party" all week and had such a nice time with her cousins and little friends.  Ellie was a perfect angel the whole time.  Thanks to our friends and family for helping us celebrate.  We love you sweet little Ellie!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ellie's Birth Story- Part 2

This is the last picture I have of me pregnant.  I went to sleep Tuesday night thinking I had more more day to get ready for the birth of my baby.  I was supposed to be induced Thursday morning.  But the baby had other plans. 

I woke up at 2:30 am to some contractions.  This wasn't new to me because I had been having some contractions every night but they would always subside.  They weren't very painful so I thought they were Braxton Hicks and decided I would use them as practice for the real thing on Thursday.  So I did my breathing and visualization exercises.  Around 4:30 am the contractions were still going on so I woke up and Eric and asked him if he thought I should let the nurse know about the contractions because they hadn't stopped. I finally called the nurse around 5 am and she hooked me up to the machines to monitor the contractions.

The resident dr came in and asked how I was feeling.  I told her the contractions seemed to be 5 min apart.  She said they saw the same thing so they would just keep monitering me. At this point the contractions started getting a little stronger and more painful. My nurse said they didn't seem to be too consistent (but I thought they were so I'm not sure why she said that).  She said to go to the bathroom and empty my bladder and maybe that would help.  So I went to the bathroom and suddenly had 5 contractions all quickly in a row, all very painful, while I was on the toilet.  I came out and told my nurse, bent over the bed and had another very strong contraction.

After that everything was a blur.  I was having very painful contractions.  The dr came in and checked my cervix.  I heard her say, she is at a 9 and I see a head.  Suddenly everyone was in a rush.  They had me move into another bed in between my contractions.  They told my husband to grab our valuables and that I was going to have this baby now.  Then they started running me in my bed down the hallway and into a labor and delivery room.

The L & D room was full of nurses hurriedly trying to get everything ready.  I had another really bad contraction and an awesome nurse that I will never forget said to me, "if you push it will all be over".  So I pushed just one time and Ellie Moy came into the world at 6:51am.  She weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and was just perfect. She nursed like a pro right away and has never looked back.

Adeline came later that morning to meet her baby sister.  She was a little scared of her at first.  But couldn't take her eyes off of her.

We spent 2 more days in the hospital.
I was just thrilled that Ellie took to nursing right away.  She had a touch of jaundice but never needed light therapy.  She passed her car seat test, blood sugar tests, and all the other things they checked her for.  All the Drs said she was not behaving like a 35 weeker.  They were so happy to see how strong and healthy she was.

Finally on August 5th we were all released from the hospital and got to head home.  I couldn't wait for Adeline to come back home to us after staying at our parents house for the past 2 weeks!  And I couldn't wait for us to begin our life as a family of four! 

Better is the end of the matter than the beginning.  It was a bumpy road getting 
to this point but it all worked out well. I remember the first day I was in the hospital my dr said I was going to have a beautiful hospital birth.  And she was right.   At my 2 week pp appointment my dr asked me how my mood had been.  I told her I was just grateful and happy.  I have a healthy baby who got to go right home with us.  She's so beautiful and strong.  I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ellie's Birth Story Part 1- My Antenatal Stay

Well she's here!  Our beautiful baby girl was born on August 3rd, 5 weeks early just like my other daughter. 

Her birth story actually has 2 parts.  My extended hospital stay and then her actual birth.  

We had been staying at my parents house for the past couple of days because our house had flooded while we were out to lunch one day.  Water was in every room in the house.  So that had been stressing us out.  On our second night staying at my parents house I woke up at 3am feeling a small trickle.  I waited for a second then thought it was probably nothing.  Then a minute later my water broke.  I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, and yelled out, "oh crap!". I couldn't believe that had just happened because I was only 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  I had awhile to go.

My husband heard me and woke up, asking what was wrong.  Then he figured it out and said, "your water didn't break did it?!".  When I told him it had, I remember hearing him say, "I don't feel so good."  

I paged my birth center for 30 minutes but no one called me back so I finally texted my Dr telling her what happened and she called me right back and told me to head to OB Triage.  We got dressed, I kissed my daughter goodbye, and we headed to the hospital.  On the drive there I remember looking around at the empty freeway and thinking it would probably be awhile before I would be back out in the real world.  And I was right.  

Once we got to the hospital, they gave me a steroid shot to mature the baby's lungs and started me on IV antibiotics right away to prevent infection.  Needless to say, I didn't get any sleep that night. I tried to stay positive though! 

The next day, my Dr came for a visit and said she would like to keep me pregnant for awhile longer, hopeful until I hit 35 weeks.  That would hopefully prevent the baby from having so many complications and maybe even keep her out of the NICU.  The thought of being in the hospital for so long didn't sound fun to me, but it was either me be in the hospital pregnant or my baby be born too early and have to stay in the NICU without me.  So I knew this was the best option we had.

And so began my 14 day hospital stay.  After a couple of days, I was transferred from Labor and Delivery to a room in the Antenatal Unit. This unit is specifically for pregnant women who have an extended hospital stay. Some for weeks, some even for months. I counted my self fortunate that I was there for a couple of weeks, but it still was tough being there.

My dr didn't want me to have visitors, except my immediate family.  The view out the window was just of a wall.  All I could see was a tiny bit of blue sky if I got really close to the window.  And the only time I could leave the room was for a 30 minute wheelchair ride.  We would go outside for a few minutes until we were too hot, then a ride to the hospital Starbucks or the cafeteria.

The highlight of my day was when Adeline would come visit.  She got to come everyday.  I think if I wouldn't have gotten to see her everyday, I would have lost it.  We would eat lunch together, she would go thru my makeup bag, play with play dough, and color.  And lots of movies.  I also got her to take a nap a couple of times.  I treasured my time with her, and when she would leave I was so sad.  I had never been away from her for more than a couple of hours.  

Eric took time off of work and stayed with me every night at the hospital.  He would go to our house during the day to clean up after all the water damage.  Then at night we would eat dinner together, he would take me for my wheelchair ride, then we would just hang out and talk for the rest of the evening.  

I had crossword puzzles, an adult coloring book, and would journal to keep myself occupied.  But it was the hardest thing I've been through.  Being away from my daughter every night, being confined to a hospital room for an extended period of time, and worrying everyday about whether or not my baby would be ok once she was born.

It was a great day when I finally hit 35 weeks on that Monday morning.  From 33 1/2 weeks to 35 weeks!  We were so happy because we knew we had met our goal and that the baby would most likely be fine and not even need a NICU stay when she was born. 

My Dr came and talked to us and decided I would be induced that Thursday morning.  I was nervous because I remembered how painful Pitocin was but I was happy to have an end in sight and be able to meet my baby soon!  

Tuesday night my husband took me outside to see an awesome rain storm.  Then we ate lasagna in my room, and I thought about how Wednesday would be the last day I would spend in this room, I thought about being transferred to Labor and Delivery, and starting the induction process on Thursday.  I thought I had one more day of rest.  Little did I know this little pic I took of myself on Tuesday would be the last pregnant picture I took of myself...